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The Penguin Filter: 3 Stages of Filtration and Availability of Parts

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Three stages of filtration in freshwater or saltwater conditions are effectively achieved with a Penguin Filter.

Simple and easy to install, a Penguin Filter is distinctive for its BIO-Wheel technology. The BIO-Wheels spin as water passes under them, providing the aerobic bacteria that they house access to both oxygen and water for optimal biological filtration . Mechanical, and chemical filtration are both achieved as well with the use of a simple and effective filter cartridge. Activated charcoal within the cartridge helps keep the tank clear and odor-free.

Any aquarium filter must run continuously, 24 hours, seven days a week. That means that parts will have wear and tear. Fortunately, replacement parts for a Penguin Filter such as the Bio-Wheel, filter cartridges and filter covers are readily available, extending the overall life and efficiency of the filter.

A clean environment is a healthy environment, so, for thriving fish and plants, look to a Penguin Filter.
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Why choose a Penguin Filter? The answer is crystal clear water.
Whether the aquarium has freshwater or saltwater, a Penguin Filter offers three levels of water filtration: mechanical, chemical and biological. The patented BIO-Wheel technology featured in all Penguin Filter models draws water through the floss in the filter cartridge. This mechanically captures debris in the water. Activated charcoal in the filter cartridge helps take care of chemical and biological filtration, removing odors as well as toxic ammonia and nitrites from the water.
Replacement parts for a Penguin Filter are easily available. All aquarium filters must run 24/7, so wear and tear is inevitable. Being able to swap out parts such as the impeller, filter cover and, of course, the filter cartridge – which must be routinely replaced every two to four weeks – adds to a Penguin Filter’s efficiency.
Consider the fact that an optimal aquarium environment requires beneficial bacteria for the wellbeing of the water, which, in turn, keeps fish in top condition. As an added bonus, the Bio-Wheel is designed so that beneficial bacteria can colonize on it. Usually, when filter media is replaced, these beneficial bacteria are also removed from the tank. But, since the Bio-Wheel is separate from the filter cartridge, the bacteria remain in the aquarium, and a healthy tank cycle is thus maintained.
For thriving fish and plants and a clean glass tank, look to a Penguin Filter.